Nic Rainbow Rattling Tree Wood Toy


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Colorful, child-friendly designed baby toys for observing and touching the environment. Walter toys, produced and quality-monitored by nic, are made from first-class woods, the soft, round shapes and the robust mechanics are particularly suitable for babies and toddlers. It is high-quality manual work with partly hand-painted surfaces and saliva-resistant paint (EN71). 


Sustainability and value, as well as the current organic development, clearly show this. As a traditional wooden toy manufacturer based in southern Germany, we have placed value on special, stable and creative toys for 25 years. The range is constantly being carefully developed and supplemented with new products.

Our toys delight the little ones in early childhood. Already on the playmat we encourage imagination in combination with fun. However, design and layout leave enough space for your own creativity. 

In our day and age it is especially important, thoughtful and sensible to convey values ​​such as quality and longevity to children.

When children re-enact what they have experienced themselves, the toy becomes an engine and at the same time an expression of their own development. It improves attention and concentration - and stimulates the child's imagination. 

Our many play options and creative design train combination skills, motor skills and the development of the senses.


5.9" x 2.3" x 2.3"


Always supervise your children when using this product.