The Dough Project 6 Pack of Dough


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All-natural play dough jars are colored from plants and made in the USA. 

Please note the product is made with natural dyes and due to this the coloring may be lighter than photos. Each jar is a little different!


The Dough Project creates a world of kid-powered playing that parents can feel good about. Made with simple all natural ingredients, dough and DIY Mixes come packed with everything you need to inspire endless possibility.

Be sure to return the dough to its container and seal the lid after every use. Store jars in a cool dry place. Dough lasts 4-6 months and colors may fade over time.  Store in the fridge to extend shelf life.


  • Organic wheat flour

  • Sea salt

  • Cream of tartar

  • Vegetable oil

Coloring from: beet, annatto seed, turmeric, chlorophyll, spirulina, purple carrot, activated charcoal


Recommended for ages 3+