Farm to Film Gift Set (Book and Coloring Book)


A Special Gift Price Bundle including the Book & Coloring book of the Farm to Film Collection! 

THE BOOK - Farm to Film is a beautiful adventure through the alphabet filled with fun illustrations and nostalgic joy. Farm to Film will attract the eager young reader loving playful images and farm animals. They will find a new favorite animal with every page turned and enjoy listening to the rhythmic sounds over and over each read. Readers drawn to wholesome topics for their littles will truly appreciate the unique watercolor and classic message portrayed in a new way. Whether it's the geometric designs, the plump pig's expression, or the playful narrative, readers of all ages will be delighted from A-Z.

THE COLORING BOOK - is the companion to the book: Farm to Film - An adventure through the eyes of an old lens. Children can explore this style of artwork on their own with the characters from the story. It makes a great gift pairing for all ages. Designed to be a fun travel sized coloring book, it is 8" x 8" with a soft touch cover including extra thick pages to prevent paints or markers from bleeding to the next page. This well thought out coloring book provides simple instructions as well as scripture and design definitions will inspire the artist eye to explore beyond the page.