Minikane Baby Doll Gabrielle With White Cotton Briefs (Paola Reina) Anatomically Correct Doll For Kids


Gabrielle, exclusive Minikane® doll by Paola Reina is made with eco-friendly and non-toxic vinyl.  Doll is anatomically correct and comes with white cotton briefs. Dress her up in real baby clothes or purchase doll clothing sold separately.


Since 1997, Minikane dolls (Also known as Paola Reina dolls) have presented children with an idea of multiculturalism through dolls that show different nationalities and ethnic groups, as well as a wide range of professions.

They are created and manufactured in Alicante, Spain and with a presence in more than 40 countries around the world. Minikane dolls help children’s’ emotional and cognitive development by turning them into caretakers through their dolls, learning everyday tasks by imitating the adult world.

Minikane dolls are constructed with the finest materials, from soft PVC free of phthalates (Vinyl collection) to poplin fabric (cotton and polyester) free of dyes and filled with fire retardant acrylic fiber (in the soft bodies collection). Each Mini Kane doll accomplishes the strictest controls of European quality regulations and is lightly scented with a vanilla scent to emulate that sweet newborn baby smell that both children and adults love.

Every kid has the chance to personalize his/her doll. This opens up their world to an endless range of possibilities, promoting the understanding of the surrounding world as well as developing their imagination and creativity.

Minikane dolls is a socially conscious company that also collaborates with non-government organizations, such as S.O.S. Aldeas Infantiles. Through their collection "Los peques," they give 12% of the doll's price to this organization. 

Minikane Dolls also gives the chance to play with "Real babies", a collection created with soft vinyl and a subtle and detailed decoration that enhances their amazingly realistic features. That will help to recognize and express emotions through the dolls, providing a path to develop emotional intelligence for your child. 

With over 300 options from their catalog, Minikane Dolls makes sure to have the perfect fit for every kid to play with, and project through them their own particular point of view. This type of role-playing exponentially helps the development of social skills. So, your child can start dreaming about his/her future by playing to be a doctor, a nurse, a writer, a mom, or any other profession that might come to mind. You can rest assured that this doll will be a life's companion.


Eco-friendly and non-toxic vinyl with vanilla flavor


13" long


Manufacturer's suggested age: 3+ years. Warning - not for use with children under 3 years of age. Always supervise your children when using this product.

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Abigail Kimbrel
Gabrielle with white cotton briefs

We absolutely love it and she smelled so good💗💗

sanders patricia

Minikane Baby Doll Gabrielle With White Cotton Briefs (Paola Reina) Anatomically Correct Doll For Kids